The country we live in has a rich variety of mother tongues.
We have Urdu that sounds like rosewater fountains and a Gujarati laced with ancestral honour. We have a Punjabi with salty rich aftertastes and a Bangla, soaked in sweetness. They sound suave, melodic and beautiful in their own ways. When you speak a different language their traces do not sound so presentable and they can ruin a lot of important dialogues and punches. Everything that comes out as verbal expression should be strong, impactful and striking. It should make your audience stop whatever they are doing and listen to you.

The course imparts training in improving diction and the pronunciation of each and every word in popular languages such as Hindi and English.

A wide variety of scripts would be read along with the course to improve linguistic fluency over time.

Speaking with confidence and clearly communicating your thoughts and ideas are contemporary skills you must have which you would be able to acquire through our training program.

Anchoring, Radio jockeying, Video jockeying, Radio plays etc are a few formats we will coach voice culture through.

Intensity, volume and impact are the other important aspects that will be covered at different stages of the workshop.