Professional Photoshoot and Portfolio

If you are an actor or a model and want to make it big in the glamour industry, like every other fresher you also need a resume but yours would be a little different. There must be gorgeous pictures of you in it, donning various outfits and accessories. The portfolio should have a collection of striking imagery and organised content. So much so that the casting directors are baffled and mystified. The question is, how do we get there?

Fascino Faces has a team of talented artists and professionals who help you do the same. A  glamorous photoshoot will be conducted by us where we will set the right mood boards and frames that exudes your x-factor.

The challenge is that a portfolio goes beyond a collection of a few bold and beautiful pictures. It has to be versatile but also highlight the kind of campaigns and roles you specialise in. That helps getting quicker and more positive responses from casting directors and production houses. Our team specialises in various verticals of photoshoots and portfolio building that include commercial modelling, parts modelling, fitness modelling, lingerie & swimsuit modelling and fit modelling. If you are an actor and know what emotion you display the best and the roles you can do wonders at, then the following process is quick and efficient. If you are not sure of the same then our team will help you figure it out and you would be able to deliver your very best.

During the photoshoot we will assist you with posing ideas, selecting the perfect frames & location backdrops, develop a better concept of light & space and carry the makeup & costumes charmingly. A team of friendly and experienced photographers and artists will collaborate with you on the same.

All you need to bring along is the charming and charismatic personality you already carry. Once the photoshoot and content editing is done we will ensure that you receive both hard and soft copies of your portfolio. Our team will sit with you and make sure that there are no technical errors and the resolution is just fine.

The later is the most important stage of all i.e the follow up and update of your directory and portfolio. While we add your portfolio to our rich database and pass it on to a-listed production houses, we will also make sure that you get updates on who and where has it been passed on to. Meanwhile, if you feel that you are experiencing any change in your body or have developed a relevant training or work experience in the field of acting/modelling, it is very necessary that you come to us and get the updates done. The entire process might take up a day or two but it is highly essential for you to get it done. There is only one level to which you can go to if you do not have a portfolio ready. Who says you need to travel long ways and spend big bucks to get this done? In the heart of Delhi, Fascino Faces ensures that you build a portfolio at great prices. Ultimately a great portfolio is about exuding the right amounts of confidence, elegance and intensity. Bring this along with you, when you visit us. We will take care of the rest!