18% GST Included
Fascino Kids Fashion Week 2020 :
Date – 21st-22nd Dec 2019

Start: February 1, 2020 Finish: February 2, 2020

Delhi-NCR #1



Kindly read the below the details

1. The tickets are limited to one participant per ticket
2. Gurdian or parent can come with the participant without additional tickets.
3. No kid will be permit to enter without ticket
4. Participants are required to bring the printed tickets during the time of auditions
5. 1ticket=1 kid+ parents/guardians
6. No parent is allowed to meet kid during the show
7. Only registered kid will be auditioned and allowed to attend the workshop
8. Management is not responsible for loss of any personal items or belongings
9. Parents can bring camera along with them for clicking pictures
10. Unfair means to win will result in disqualification
11. No travel, food or stay expenses will be paid by the management.
12. No makeup and dresses would be provided in the primary round.