Good habits and intensive training when provided at young age, has great benefits and can help a child carry those forward for the longest of the time. Here is a list of all those great training sessions that your kid would be a part of. Every child irrespective of his entry to the finale shall receive the training.

  1. Personal Hygiene: A sharp sense of personal hygiene is a very healthy habit that must be cultivated at a tender age. It wards you off a lot of diseases and increases your lifespan. Washing hands properly, brushing twice a day cleaning yourself properly are a few habits that must be inculcated in your little one.
  2. Etiquettes and interpersonal communication: Talking respectfully and building sharp communication skills are prerequisites that your kid needs to grow in this global village. Decent mannerisms, polite body language and seamless communication are three futuristic skills that your kid will take away.
  3. Backstage etiquettes: In these sessions we will teach them how to effectively use the time on hand and dress up. Also how to cordially behave in the backstage and cooperate with everybody around them. This way they would learn punctuality and self-discipline to win in a healthy competition.
  4. Carrying yourself with confidence : An impactful personality when built at a tender age, goes a long way. Embracing your strengths and
  5. Creating awareness against child abuse: The safety of your kid, is our first priority. Even beyond the competition, we want them to stay safe and stand up for themselves. We would take an insightful workshop that creates awareness against child abuse.

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