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About Kids Fascino Faces

Fascino Faces proudly launches its upcoming event KIDS FASCINOFACES 2018 for all the smart and confident young talents. This exclusive Fashion Week for children between 3-14 years of age, promises an authentic and inspiring platform. Our objective is to help your young one's battle stage fright, embrace their persona and carry themselves fearlessly. With nominal registration charges, we make sure that every kid from every nook and cranny of Delhi and NCR get an opportunity to unleash their potential.
A series of interactive workshops would lead your child to the finale. Sessions on Personal Hygiene, Etiquettes, Personality Grooming for children would be facilitated. Our idea is to put forward a holistic, confident personality on the ramps that you can cheer for. The journey doesn’t end here. Fascino Faces will be a gateway to many acting and modelling opportunities in the future and provide your cute little one a national and international exposure. Let your kids take their first little steps towards glory, exposure and self confidence on the ramp of Fascino Faces.


Why Kids FascinoFaces

A platform where fashion meets innocence. When your kids start to walk the ramp, the world will see the talent, exuberance, innate fashion sense and their confidence. If a child has the potential to become future fashion leaders/ role models, then this is for you and your kid!

Fashion is a trait everyone desires. Kid’s FascinoFaces open the chances for kids to participate and unleash trendsetting confidence on the stage!

An event, that aims at building kids confidence to face large audiences and also learn how to be well turned out on a given occasion. It is an opportunity for kids to make a mark in the international fashion Industry.


Our objective:

• To identify talent and nurture individual entities.
• To provide a platform for attitude building.
• To nurture personality development of participating children.
• To showcase the inner talent, inner star and inner diva of the kids.
• To Expand Their Aura To Seek, Observe, Learn and Grow.
• To objectify the talent and provide perfect platter of opportunities.
• To make them know more about themselves and enlighten their inner self.
• To maintain balance between the inner and the outer beauty of the kids

Our Workshop

Glimpses of Workshops FascinoFaces Has Been Conducting in different cities to achieve their mission because Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.

Why Kids FascinoFaces?

Every Registered Individuals will Be Trained In Following Fields

Ramp Wlak

Stage appearance training

Anchoring & Show Host training

Diet Tips

Nutrition Tips


Personality development

Camera Facing training

Modeling tips

Acting basics

Dressing & Wardrobe training

Make up tips

Selected individuals can avail the following benefits

Casting assistance

Media Coverage

Professional Portfolio

Opportunity To work in movies, short films, ad films, print shoots, commercial shoots etc

Regular audition updates Maintaining Real Time Transparency.

Distribution Of Profile and Portfolios to Leading Casting, Production & publication houses.

Certificate of excellence

Walk On the Runway in Designer outfits

Personally styled and Groomed By Professionals


Register Your Child Today

Register today and give your child one of it's kind hands-on experience to the glamour world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click this link to fill in the form and get your kid registered in this.

Once you register your child with us, we will conduct an audition round where a team of reputed jury members will decide if your kid can go to the next level by testing their confidence level and ramp-walk skill. In the audition there will be Couple of rounds:

1. Ramp Walk

2. Question Answer Round.

If your little star, makes it through all the rounds, he/she enters the finale where he/she will be a part of The main Show, The Biggest Kids Fashion Week, where our junior models will endorse a collection of a designer or a Brand and Get Styled & Groomed by the professionals.

The layout of the show focuses on the holistic development of all the participating kids. He/she will get free access to interesting workshops, grooming sessions and value-based activity. He/she will develop a confident, friendly and fearless personality by the end of the event. Every child participant will be receiving a certificate that would highlight his/her active participation in co-curricular activities.

Kids FascinoFaces is a platform where kids get an opportunity to walk the runway at a full-fledged international level fashion show where A-listed celebrities and fashion designers / brands participate. Kids’ designers / fashion brands take this opportunity to showcase their latest collection to buyers and the main influencers – parents. Apart From walking the ramp, kids will go through Intensive workshops to enhance their confidence and get rid of their stage fright.

Auditions will be conducted wither in any school or a 4-star Property of Delhi NCR while the main show is Only conducted in a 5-star Property. The dates, cities and schedule would be communicated to you by call/ emails/ Social Media handles, closer to the date.
We do not give you any written guarantee but we will try and make sure that your kid receives great opportunities in the future. We will create his/her profile and add it to our database. If you’re interested in exploring opportunities for your child in the modeling/acting industry, we would be able to share the portfolio and profile with every leading and emerging casting house, production house, ad agencies ,Modeling agencies etc. We will also pass it forward if any requirement comes up.
You can call on our 24/7 helpline number: +91 8800990571, 8800990572 for any details or assistance. You can also contact us through our social media and receive prompt responses. You can also email us at

Every kid between 3-14 years of age is welcome.

The Primary registration fee is 1950 + 18% GST and All those Kids who reach the main show have to pay 3000 + 18% GST that give every applicant access to the benefits of the event.
At every stage of the event, the child will be accompanied by the parent. Each and every proceeding of the event will be in the presence of the parent or guardian of the participating child. We will also conduct workshops that will provide the kid's awareness against child abuse and how to deal with these issues effectively. Every kid’s safety will be attended by us personally.
You will get all the updates of our event on our official Instagram Page- fascino_faces, Facebook Page: FascinoFaces and our Website- www.FascinoFaces.Com
The only criteria for being a part of this event is the age of the participating kid i.e 3-14 years of age. We believe every kid is an adorable treasure of talent that just needs discovery and nurturing.
There is a primary registration fee of 2300 inclusive of all taxes for every participant that gives every applicant an access to the benefits of this event.
The last date of registration is to be stated as 27th April 2019.
You will get all the updates of our event on our official Instagram Page- fascino_faces & Website- WWW.FascinoFaces.Com
For designer registration, get in touch : or call at +91 8800990571/72
Yes, we have a special Hosted Buyer Program for you. Get in touch :(
Please contact for any sponsorship queries (
No, you have to register on our official website for making an entry. However, if we have specific photo-based contests on Facebook, you can send them there. Interested candidates may get featured in Our Posts.