A lot of un-conventional careers such as blogging, photography, social media influencing, Radio jockeying etc are becoming really popular these days. A suited look at these cool, liberating workspaces is a big no. More than being well-dressed being into your element comfortably and loving what you do is important. However, along with a good sense of personal hygiene a simple yet elegant sense of dressing is essential to your confidence. The world of smart casuals does seem a little confusing to a lot of men and women out there.

Here is a guide that helps you pick the perfect smart casual look when you are heading out for the interview of your dream job or a daily stylish entry at the workplace you love.


  1. When in Doubt, Stay Closer to Smart than Casual

One of the main problems with smart casual is that you might want to take liberty and end up leaving for work in shorts and slippers. Make sure your outfit leans more towards smart than casual. For example you want to go with a Chino then pair it with a smart printed collared shirt instead of a loose, sloppy polo. For shoes pick brogues, oxfords or sneakers. Their mid-formal appeal is all you need to enhance your ensemble.

  1. Simplicity is the key.

You might lay your hands on some really bright and bold colors if you are a morning person. However, they do not really look professional in a lot of cases. Go with subtler options like a denim shirt or a solid printed shirt. Keep colors and patterns simple. If you still feel like lighting it up a bit, you can wear some colorful accessory like a scarf tie or a funky wrist band.  They would look great and not ruin the balance of your smart casual ensemble.



  1. Choose Good Quality

Even if you have selected the perfect smart casual pieces in terms of style, make sure that the material is of a good quality. A bad quality of material will also give you an improper fit. They might also shrink and fade after the first few washes. Investing into materials and pieces that fit well and look great is always a smart monetary choice.

  1. Checkered Prints are the best.

Checkered prints are smart, subtle and elegant. You can go for bolder check prints. It is not necessary that you have to pick micro checks and make it a more formal affair. Make sure that there is some color and contrast and you do not go ahead with the monotonous blue, white and grey. Instead of the fuddy-duddy trousers, pick chinos to pair with them.


The smart casual attire is only about making a few conscious wardrobe changes and adding a cooler and a more relaxed vibe to your ensemble. You can keep your sleeves folded and also roll up the ends of your chinos. Remember that causal does not stand for crumpled. Iron them and make sure they are nicely washed and crisp. Belts, sleek wrist watches and hats are an effortlessly fashionable style statement and you can always don them as accessories while you are heading out to your much loved workplace.

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