Film production

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Who wouldn’t like to give a few hit films and make it big in Bollywood? However, the journey starts from  taking those first few baby steps. Every Blockbuster that charms the audiences is months of toil and hard work of an efficient and talented unit. Here at Fascino Faces, we get together talent, technology and skills to produce some great work in the Industry. There are two areas where we integrate our Film Production services. One we put together pre-assigned ad film shoots, music videos etc. Secondly we get together writers, music directors, actors, lyricists and other such talents to create striking video content.

Once we put together a film or a piece of video content, we make sure that we provide effective marketing tactics that promotes every talent that has contributed in the making.

Our aim is to help achieve every brand, product and talent achieve due recognition and appreciation.


We are working towards creating ourselves as one of the best production houses in Delhi and NCR.  More than contributing to modern cinema, we wish to set cinematic trends that inspire our fraternity to raise the bar. From breaking down the script into distinct mood boards to creating fine aesthetic frames, we bring together the best talent and technology to achieve the quality aims. The pre-production phase starts with profound understanding of the brief, the characters involved and the backdrop of the story. After days of perfect execution, we end up at the post production phase where we work on every minute detail. Colours, editing, social media buzz and other such tasks are distributed to the various departments across our firm.


Looking forward to a collaboration with you!