Casting Services

Workshops and Recruitment

At Fascino Faces, our workforce is full of enthusiastic movie buffs who wish to be an integral part of a rewarding cinema experience. We host walk-in auditions for actors, actresses and child actors in Delhi to ensure that every talent gets opportunities and mediums to make it to their dreams.

With the country going digital there are countless over the top apps emerging such as Netflix, ALT Balaji, Amazon Prime etc. To create more entertaining content and gain better engagement, production houses are always on the outlook for young talents and fresh faces. The demand is not just limited to Bollywood and Indian tele networks. A wide range of Hollywood production houses are hunting Indian talents and beauty to leverage their television shows and films. Indira Varma in Game of Thrones and Kunal Nayyar in The Big Bang Theory are examples of the same.

It is not necessary that you travel all your way to entertainment hubs, live in shacks or make any disgraceful compromises. We are here, trying to create an authentic and reliable platform in cities near you. A carefully curated directory of Production houses and agencies is maintained by our team.

The handpicked artists are trained into versatile actors who can upgrade the cinematic value of any film, commercial or any genre of a screenplay. Apart from guiding our acting aspirants, we also train our staff members to analyze and understand the depth and significance of the character requirement.
We brainstorm timely workshops to facilitate all the above aspects and equip ourselves as one of the best casting firms.

Through various beauty pageants and classifieds, we constantly gather models from smaller towns but great talent and potential. Their dreams and enthusiasm are fine-tuned with our workshops and training sessions. Working in coordination with the photographers, confidently posing with the given products, spatial awareness, skincare and fitness are a few of the many aspects we coach them for.

We provide and hunt for actors and models who can fit into a wide range of lead and background characters. We create a one-stop avenue for all the production houses and agencies by maintaining a rich database of talented actors and models in and around Delhi NCR and every other city. Our models and actors are trained to perform across various verticals such as television commercials, short films, print advertising, feature films, social media photo shoots etc.

Challenging roles or tricky costume posing? Bring it on!

For all the acting and modelling aspirants we gather our best resources to train them and help them build an impactful portfolio. Their progress in the industry would be led and tracked by us and they would keep receiving relevant project opportunities. This way we wish to create a credible and authentic platform for each and every gifted artist who registers through us. Recognising their individual potentials and talents is one of our daily agendas.