Beauty Pageants

While a normal Fashion Show asks you wear your heart on your sleeves, a Beauty Pageant does just that with giving you an epithet before your name. It introduces you to healthy competition and helps you maximise your potential. You end up gaining the recognition and fame that you truly deserve. Before you reach the finishing line you are compelled to put forward your very best and understand your true potential. Earning rewarding titles is what follows. At various beauty pageants there is a deeper demand for your inner beauty. Intellect, spirit and confidence are some of many factors that influence the final decision.


Fascino faces organises beauty pageants at various levels and at National Levels too.

Presence of mind, personality grooming and boundless self-confidence is what we try to render while conducting workshops for our Beauty Pageants

Fascino Faces has joined hands with various casting and production houses which helps the individual to reach to infinite possibilities of work ranging from working in movies, serials, commercial, short films, music videos, album covers, short films etc..


 Every Round of the Competition is designed in such a way that it calls out for challenge and bringing out the very best in you. Promising aspirants who keep working on themselves and keep upgrading themselves are the ones that are entitled to the higher rounds of the Pageants.


We individually look into every profile and customise the opportunities that flow to our desk. Our training modules help every participant develop effective communication, have an improved concept of self and understand your individualistic potential.


Empowering and healthy competitions are at the heart of our agenda.