Acting School

What makes a great actor? Greek god features and sculpted bodies? Loud, impactful voice? Expressing the right emotion, at the right time? Well, we would say that you need to be a complete, finely tuned package to achieve the screen of your dreams. Here at Fascino Faces, we understand one thing for sure- Acting, cannot be taught! It is your gift that we chisel with the fine experience and knowledge of our faculty members. The acting talent and educational qualifications are what you will have to bring along. We shall take it forward from there.

The intensive course follows the three-fold path of identifying your talent, grooming it into a presentable image and hours of rigorous training. This helps you build confidence and recognise your potential better.

There are various schools of acting and we coach you in Method acting which was established by Konstantin Sergeievich Stanislavski who was a Russian theatre legend. The maestro imparted that getting into the skin of the character and understanding his/her personality and attributes are the first few steps you need to take towards great acting. An embodiment of the character and all the subtle elements of his/her persona is how we begin the training. Other subjective techniques that we impart training on are the Alexander technique and Indian Classical form of drama.

Sharpening your technique, empowering your voice & projection and improving your expressions & gestures are the following stages that we proceed in.


Understanding mediums such as theatre, camera and photo essays are at the forefront of the training. Distinct acting requirements are explained with technical details and taught to every student.

There are various verticals an actor is expected to mould himself into. Monologues, one-act plays, short films, background roles etc. We will have masterclasses that cover each and every segment of acting and it's formed.

We cannot skip the part of a presentable appearance and fine grooming that every acting aspirant must have. Yoga, Dance, skin and hair care masterclasses and other training sessions that create a charming and confident appearance.

A few masterclasses of Voice and Diction would take place at the school. If you wish to learn more on the subject we have The School of Voice and Diction. (Insert hyperlink here)