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The World is slowly turning into a global village and the homo sapiens of the 21st century, spend most of their day behind a compact screen. Sources of survival, entertainment, communication and every significant part of our daily existence are dependent on these highly functional devices. However, the organs that suffer the most in the process are our precious eyes.


Our eyes enable us to appreciate symmetry, distinguish colours and sense dangers. According to Carl Jung the founder of Analytical Psychology, eyes are where the love begins. It is the first point of communication between objects or people you admire. It is now time that we make sure that we take a great care of these precious gifts and do our bit to restore a healthy vision on a longer run.

Maharishi Ayurveda says that all the five elements of our body should strike a balance to maintain sharp eyesight and have strikingly beautiful eyes. Each element is responsible for a smooth functioning of the eye. Prithvi (Earth) governs the muscular part of the eye and facilitate its movement. A good balance of Tejas (Fire) is responsible for the blood vessels in the eyes through which they receive oxygen and nutrients. Vayu (air) allows us to perceive colour and Apu (Water) looks after the functioning of the cornea. Sameera (Space) controls the tear ducts that help us secrete tears in the times of need.

To strike a balance of all these elements we have brought to you an intensive Ayurvedic eye care regime that helps you develop clearer vision and prettier eyes.

  1. Yogic Eye movements: The way your body needs regular exercise and stretching to stay in shape, your eyes also need a day to day work out. Rotate your eyes in clockwise and anti-clockwise motions and look as far as you can see. Secondly, gaze in the upward and downward direction for a few minutes. Make sure you are sitting in Sukhasana (Legs comfortably crossed with your spine, neck and head in the same line). Doing 2-3 rounds daily improves vision, strengthens the eye muscles and relaxes your mind. The ideal place to practice this is a park near your house where there are trees, greenery and a clean breathing air.
  2. Washing them from time to time: There can be a lot of air borne particles in your eyes that need proper cleaning. Oil, mucus and dead skin cells form a goopy discharge in your eyes from time to time. When you wake up you notice it often. Rishi Chaarak says that cleaning of your eye at least thrice a day is an essential part of your personal hygiene. Splash your eyes with regular water and avoid contact with soap or harsh chemicals. Your eyes are a relatively sensitive organ and can get easily irritated when cleaned with any kind of sulphates and parabens.
  3. Netra Tarpanam : Netra Tarpanam literally translates to nourishment of the eye. Traditionally, medicated oils or ghee are kneaded with flour and donut like structure is placed around the eye. You can use cotton soaked in milk or rosewater overnight. If you are a side sleeper, make sure you are wearing an eye patch and the cottons comfortably placed in them.
  4. Anjana : Anjana or regular application of Kohl is considered as an important eye care regime in Ayurveda. It purifies vision and serves as an antiseptic for eye related diseases. It also generates a cooling effect to the eye.
  5. Diet and Sufficient Sleep: Vitamin-E, green leafy vegetables and pulses are the foods that provide the eyes the nutrition they need to function smoothly. Apart from that the most important aspect is a daily 8-hour sleep. Make sure that you put yourself to bed by 10 every night and wake yourself up by 6 AM. A regularised sleeping schedule would help your eyes look fresh, healthy and gorgeous.

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