KIDS FASCINO FACES 2018 is preparing itself to be the grandest kids modelling pageant in DELHI and NCR . More than it being a grand and glamorous event, it has great perks in store for you and your kid. Let’s find out!

Discovering Your Child’s True Potential: To understand and recognise their abilities can be quite a task. They might come across as these playful and mischievous munchkins who enjoy playtime but we believe that every kid is way more than that. Every kid has his/her very own, beautiful perspective of looking at world and they express it in a lot of day to day activities. Various interactive workshops and creative exposure will help you understand their individualistic talents and potential. This would help you chalk out a better career plan for them.

Constructive distraction from T.V and Gadgets: The age group we are targeting is of digital natives and let’s face it, it can be hard to grab their eyeballs out of T.V or gadgets. On the other days the school schedules can minimise the usage of these damaging and addictive sources. What can be done about the vacations? KIDS FASCINO FACES 2018 would be reaching out to you in the winter vacation of 2018 and give your kid an opportunity to focus on more constructive activities. Interactive workshops and a healthy competition are a great way to do so.

Travelling with them and knowing them better: We all agree that you know your kid the best however, busy schedules might have not given the two of you enough time in a while to bond and come closer. If your kid enters the finale, he/she will be welcomed to Delhi where they can go on a journey with their favourite travel buddy. You would also get a great insight of how your kid reacts in different environments and understand his weaknesses and strengths. Some undivided attention and moral support is the best your kids can have out of your precious time.

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