Good habits and intensive training when provided at young age, has great benefits and can help a child carry those forward for the longest of the time. Here is a list of all those great training sessions that your kid would be a part of. Every child irrespective of his entry to the finale shall receive the training.

  1. Personal Hygiene: A sharp sense of personal hygiene is a very healthy habit that must be cultivated at a tender age. It wards you off a lot of diseases and increases your lifespan. Washing hands properly, brushing twice a day cleaning yourself properly are a few habits that must be inculcated in your little one.
  2. Etiquettes and interpersonal communication: Talking respectfully and building sharp communication skills are prerequisites that your kid needs to grow in this global village. Decent mannerisms, polite body language and seamless communication are three futuristic skills that your kid will take away.
  3. Backstage etiquettes: In these sessions we will teach them how to effectively use the time on hand and dress up. Also how to cordially behave in the backstage and cooperate with everybody around them. This way they would learn punctuality and self-discipline to win in a healthy competition.
  4. Carrying yourself with confidence : An impactful personality when built at a tender age, goes a long way. Embracing your strengths and
  5. Creating awareness against child abuse: The safety of your kid, is our first priority. Even beyond the competition, we want them to stay safe and stand up for themselves. We would take an insightful workshop that creates awareness against child abuse.
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There is a wide array of beauty pageants and modelling opportunities for kids, but Fascino Faces has always tried to create niche. We have closely understood the needs of every child and the parents and curated this experience accordingly. Here is a list of a few things that totally set us apart.

Low Cost Registration fees: An average beauty pageant in India, can cost you around 10,000-15,000 INR but Fascino Faces focuses on complete customer friendliness. We are offering you and your kid great opportunities and experiences at the best prices. Education at a time like this has always burnt a lot of holes in the pockets but every learning experience does not have to be the same way.

Deeper focus on learning experiences: More than the glamour and glitz, we focus on workshops that inculcate a positive mental attitude in your child and help him go beyond the day of the competition. It ends up being a great vacation activity for your child.

Complete safety measures: We have attempted at making this event the most secure venture. We understand the importance of safety of your child and we have made sure we act upon it at every stage. A parent or guardian would always be present and almost every activity would be carried out in their presence.

One-to-one guidance and training: Individual feedbacks and constructive conversations would be facilitated by team Fascino Faces. We would help you get better insights and understanding on your child’s inner potential and talents and give you great takeaways at the end of every session.

Our team would love to hear from you if there are any special requests you have to make for your kid. Feel free to contact us.

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KIDS FASCINO FACES 2018 is preparing itself to be the grandest kids modelling pageant in DELHI and NCR . More than it being a grand and glamorous event, it has great perks in store for you and your kid. Let’s find out!

Discovering Your Child’s True Potential: To understand and recognise their abilities can be quite a task. They might come across as these playful and mischievous munchkins who enjoy playtime but we believe that every kid is way more than that. Every kid has his/her very own, beautiful perspective of looking at world and they express it in a lot of day to day activities. Various interactive workshops and creative exposure will help you understand their individualistic talents and potential. This would help you chalk out a better career plan for them.

Constructive distraction from T.V and Gadgets: The age group we are targeting is of digital natives and let’s face it, it can be hard to grab their eyeballs out of T.V or gadgets. On the other days the school schedules can minimise the usage of these damaging and addictive sources. What can be done about the vacations? KIDS FASCINO FACES 2018 would be reaching out to you in the winter vacation of 2018 and give your kid an opportunity to focus on more constructive activities. Interactive workshops and a healthy competition are a great way to do so.

Travelling with them and knowing them better: We all agree that you know your kid the best however, busy schedules might have not given the two of you enough time in a while to bond and come closer. If your kid enters the finale, he/she will be welcomed to Delhi where they can go on a journey with their favourite travel buddy. You would also get a great insight of how your kid reacts in different environments and understand his weaknesses and strengths. Some undivided attention and moral support is the best your kids can have out of your precious time.

Our registration desk would be waiting for your calls and emails. Get in touch soon!

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5 Reasons Why You Must Enroll For KIDS FASCINO FACES 2018

Kids Fascino Faces 2018 is all set to reach your towns and provide an opportunity to your kiddies to groom, develop self-confidence and present themselves in the most unique possible ways. Every child is a beautiful little being with a charm of his/her own and no standards can define that. We are here to build assertiveness in every kid participant and help him learn the healthy spirit of competition. However, there are a few more reasons why you must enroll your child for Kids Fascino Faces 2018:

Conquer Stage fright: Every kid between the age of 3-13 deals with some amount of stage fright and anxiety. It holds them back from boldly coming forward and expressing their ideas and emotions in front of an audience. Fascino Faces provides them with an opportunity to slowly step forward and confidently present themselves in front of a large number of audience.

Build Confidence: Free personality development coaching and grooming tips are rendered by the experts at Fascino Faces. In these sessions, the participating kid would develop a sense of motivation, self-confidence and greater belief in his/her strengths. We would individually supervise a child’s personal growth and develop a more poised personality.

Develop Spirit: Through Kids Fascino Faces a kid would learn the spirit of healthy competition and discovers how winning and losing are parts and parcels of life. Developing excellence and performing your very best is what a child needs to discover out of his/her value education textbook. Being a sport and giving your best are the two priceless takeaways your little star will get at the end of the event.

Experience and Exposure: A careful little push out of his/her comfort zone shall do wonders on the personality of your child. Gaining exposure and setting new standards for yourself are two of the most effective ways in which a child shall discover his true potential. He/she will also have a wonderful story of courage, positivity and confidence close to his/her heart.

Co-scholastic Achievement: There is a lot a child studies in his or her textbook to ace in scholastic achievements. A fine balance between scholastic and co-scholastic achievements is important for every child’s growth and progress. It helps him/her discover wider areas of his/her potential and develop a better understanding of individual capabilities.

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